Cheap Towing Huntsville – Tips Everyone Should Know

If the vehicle breaks down and you don’t have a driver on hand you should have somebody tow the vehicle. You ought to find a variety of suggestions to have the vehicle towed safely. Those tips are:

Got all the items you need

You need to have the things necessary to safely tow your car. A towrope is one thing you need to have. Typically the rope is inexpensive, so you can get it conveniently from your local shop or a gas station. If you do have it, you can also use a chain. You should avoid using ropes of poor quality as they can break easily putting you at risk of an accident. Once you have the rope you should attach it to your car’s towing eyes.

You will leave a gap of 4.5 m between the vehicles when connecting the cars. If you leave a distance greater than 1.5 the rope should be clearly visible to the other users of the road. This requires you to avoid using a rope that is identical to the tarmac colour.

The other thing you need is that of a sign. Everything you need to do is type, in capital letters, on a piece of paper, “ON TOW” or “BEING TOWED” and put the sign in your car’s back window. The symbol helps to let other drivers realize you ‘re getting towed and they won’t ask if you’re going so slowly.

Tips for Car Towing

If you are the one who towes the car you should be careful not to damage the cars. You should start gently when you start, and make sure you don’t yank the rope which would cause it to break. Do it softly as you shift course, and please warn the other driver about it. Breaking to the tow rope is common. If it falls or you see some other issue, then you can stop right away.

Tips if you’re the one towed away

Being towed doesn’t mean you don’t continue to maintain power of your vehicle. You can switch on the ignition before the towing starts, so that you can loosen the steering lock. That is to make the car easy to control. Pay close attention to the driver whilst on the road towing you. With the driver towing you, you should steer and brake your car in synchronisation.

By applying light brakes you should keep the tension in the towing rope. This is about minimizing the jolt. If the steering or brakes don’t work you should not get towed as you can’t control the car. In such a scenario you should call a professional towing company, even in your absence, which will tow the vehicle. The companies are using specialist vehicles that can move the car without requiring a second driver. Concluding

There are some ideas you can remember while towing your vehicle. You will never spin or get dragged with the vehicle faced sideways to prevent collisions.